Take ten. Tune out the world.

Take ten. Tune out the world.



Dip into ancient Japanese wisdom with the radiant warmth of a mineral recipe perfected over the centuries.


Now available in Canada, tucked into a simple, easy-to-carry, soft cotton eye mask, TuneOut™ offers the ideal balm for exhaustion.


A combination of iron, activated carbon and minerals produces  up to 15 minutes of heat and moisture to ease, hydrate and sooth away the stresses of the screen and the day.

Available in these stores:


👁️ Kodak Lens | Broadview Eyecare: 318 Broadview Ave.
👁️ Kodak Lens | Toronto Eyecare: 364 Yonge St.
👁️ Dr. Archie Chung & Associates: CF Toronto Eaton Centre


"These are amazing! So relaxing. I was so surprised at how well they worked. Its just the right amount of heat. It feels incredible. My eyes look so clear and feel so well-rested after use, even after a long, hard day. I've noticed decreased puffiness and less noticeable dark circles under my eyes since I've been using these the past few weeks. They help me calm down, relax and get ready for a good night's sleep after use. I can't see myself giving these up anytime soon. I believe they've become a new part of my nightly bedtime routine."

"I was super excited to try this. I wear contact lenses and at the end of the day my eyes are very dry and tired. I put the mask on after removing my contacts for 15 minutes as directed. The directions were easy to follow. The mask took about 60 seconds to heat up. It felt like a warm hug for my eyes. I was a little nervous after reading the package which cautions that the product might be too hot. I was relieved to find the mask was the perfect temperature. I was tempted to keep it on longer but wanted to follow the directions. I found the mask extremely relaxing especially before bed. Would recommend!"