What is a Warming Mineral Eye Rescue?

The TuneOut mask is made with 100% natural cotton. Its thermo pad generates a moderate amount of steam at a temperature of approximately 43ºC to warm the eyes and ease tension in surrounding muscles. Its warmth and comfort envelops the eyes and surrounding area for up to 15 minutes. After use, the fully recyclable mask may be added to organic waste for easy, clean disposal.

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What else do I need to know?

  • Do not use any other eye related product while using the eye mask.

  • If you have just used eyedrops, allow the drops to finish working before using the eye mask.

  • Please take off contact lenses before using the eye mask.

  • Please do not use the eye mask if you have an eye ailment.

  • Stop using the eye mask immediately if you feel it is overheating over the standard 43ºC mark.

  • Please refrain from use of the eye mask if your skin becomes red and swollen, or you have any discomfort after use.

  • Do not use the eye mask if the thermo pad stitched in the mask is torn. While we always aim to ensure the highest quality, this is a defect and we will send you a new package. Please see our Return Policy.

  • This is important because if the contents of the thermo pad gets in your eyes, you must wash them out immediately with clear water and contact an optometrist or doctor.

  • Please do not shake or knead the eye masks.

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TuneOut Warming Mineral Eye Rescue available at these locations.

Visit your local store and ask for TuneOut Warming Mineral Eye Rescue. If we are currently not on their shelves, let us know and we will reach out to them!


Cloverdale Clinic Pharmacy: 225 The East Mall


Port Credit

Lakeshore East Pharmacy: 515 Lakeshore Rd. E

Guardian Pharmacy: 374 Lakeshore Rd. E

Cross Lake Pharmacy: 760 Lakeshore Rd. E


Confederation Drug Store: 3050 Confederation Pkwy

Cawthra Drug Store: 680 Silver Creek Blvd.

Britannia Medical Pharmacy: 5925 Grossbeak Dr.

Britannia Health Pharmacy: 2275 Britannia Rd. W

Canada tunes in to TuneOut

TuneOut masks are produced with advanced patented technology, drawing nourishing minerals of iron, carbon, and salts, and activating them upon contact with air. This natural interaction allows the minerals to conduct heat at a comforting 43ºC, easing tension and stimulating the area around the eyes to soothe puffiness. 


The steam from the mask hydrates dry eyes, which clears the eyes and helps reduce dark circles from excess exposure to digital screens. TuneOut masks are also patent-designed to ensure comfort with no direct pressure on the eyes. Each mask is paper thin; individually sealed and easy to pack.

We've been creating heated mineral pads since 2006. Our new masks are FDA and CE approved, and our factories are ISO and SGS certified, which means we do things right. We are thrilled to introduce TuneOut to Canada and the benefits it brings.