"These are amazing! So relaxing. I was so surprised at how well they worked. Its just the right amount of heat. It feels incredible. My eyes look so clear and feel so well-rested after use, even after a long, hard day. I've noticed decreased puffiness and less noticeable dark circles under my eyes since I've been using these the past few weeks. They help me calm down, relax and get ready for a good night's sleep after use. I can't see myself giving these up anytime soon. I believe they've become a new part of my nightly bedtime routine."

"I was super excited to try this. I wear contact lenses and at the end of the day my eyes are very dry and tired. I put the mask on after removing my contacts for 15 minutes as directed. The directions were easy to follow. The mask too about 60 seconds to heat up. It felt like a warm hug for my eyes. I was a little nervous after reading the package which cautions that the product might be too hot. I was relieved to find the mask was the perfect temperature. I was tempted to keep it on longer but wanted to follow the directions. I found the mask extremely relaxing especially before bed. Would recommend!"

“I enjoyed the masks and they were calming for me, but I found it hard to sit still for the 15 minutes that would have helped. I have a one year old so finding 15 minutes to relax is a treat in itself! But the product was great. Just don’t know that I would spend the money on it until I have more time for myself.”

"So soothing! ... I really needed the time to relax and the eye mask helped me evade to a land of tranquility!"

"I love these, they work way better than I thought it would. I found it got rid of under eye lines too. You can even use for an eye mask after the heat to sleep."


"When I received this product I honestly looked at it oddly and thought it was pretty silly, but I pulled one out for the first time last night and figured I’d use try it out, i know it doesn’t advertise it helps for this.. but I had a horrible headache and just wanted to lay down with my eyes shut for awhile, the warning pads started warming within seconds the temperature was perfect it had me so relaxed and sleepy my headache went away and I was ready to crash after the 15 minutes were up, idk (i don't know) about puffiness or hydrating for the eyes I didn’t notice very much of a difference for those after one use, but I’d give it a 10/10 for relaxation!"

"I was pleasantly surprised. There was just the right amount of heat, it felt really nice. There were no offensive odors. My eyes appeared (and felt) more rested following application of the mask. I'm interested in continuing use of this product to see what long term effects it may have."

"It gave me the time to relax and give me time to myself. My kids left me alone too! I loved the warming sensation that it gave to my eyes, and although after a couple of uses I didn't really notice a difference yet, I look forward to using the rest of the box. I enjoyed the use of this product very much."

"I used this for tension in my eyes as I’m a full time student and it is currently fully online so I look at a computer screen for hours everyday. I found it worked well and made my eyes feel better."

"I trialed the product after a long work day, starring at the computer for approximately 9 hours. My eyes were feeling a bit strained. I would say, that in general the product was effective if soothing my eyes ... I was very satisfied with the experience with this product. It was very straightforward to use and really helped enhance my relaxation time. It also helped soothe some stress and tension I was experiencing and helped my tired eyes. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a nice warming eye mask."

"Oh my, for a tired mom this was heaven in a box. Perfect for a quick pick me up during nap time. Loved that it was quick and mess free."

"... I feel comfortable with the mask on. It really gives me a soothing effect to my tired eyes. The bonus was the material which is made of cotton. Huge plus point for that as most of the eye gel pad similar to this what this eye mask offers or functions, would made of plasticky, rubbery uncomfortable material..."

"I’m a mother of a toddler who works full time so I feel (and look!) tired 25/7. The mineral eye rescue was a great temporary fix. I felt like I was pampering myself and I felt great afterwards."

"This was great for tension especially as I am currently in front of a computer for over 8 hours a day. It really helped relieve stress and gave me a reason to relax and recharge with my eyes closed for at least 10 minutes."

TuneOut Warming Mineral Eye Rescue

5 Star rating: 


It was a great product! I will definitely use it again.


Wonderful product

5 Star rating: 


I loved it!! I will definitely be looking for this product in my favourite store.


Let your eyes relax

5 Star rating: 


Great product. Highly recommended. Will for sure buy again. Worth a try. No regrets.


Relaxing spa-like treatment!

5 Star rating: 


These eye masks are amazing! I've been so stressed out lately. I've also been noticing more puffiness around my eyes from lack of sleep. These masks helped me feel more chill while also reducing the swelling under my eyes. Win-win!


Great I recommend

5 Star rating: 


The warm sensation was a good feeling and I felt resfreshed after


Great packaging, simple to use!

5 Star rating: 


I loved the easy-to-use packaging and the fact that they are individually wrapped. Nice and easy to take on the go! I wish it got a bit warmer in the areas around my eyes but other than that I enjoyed it.


Absolutely Love

5 Star rating: 


I absolutely loved this product! The warming effect was very soothing, I felt so relaxed after using it. I loved how it took away the puffiness and left my eyes feeling hydrated. I am pleased with the fact that they are recyclable.


Warm your eye care - it's innovative!

5 Star rating: 


TuneOut Warming Eye Rescue is an amazing product. It delivers on its promises - it warms and creates a gentle effect that you can see the results shortly after. It was provided free - but is a product I would spend money on . The package was cute and it was an easy option for self care even when driving. Great results and worth the time!


Great product to hydrate eyes

5 Star rating: 


Great mask for after facial and to destress and relax the eyes


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